Oct 17 14 7:47 AM

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With Yosemite, all the UI adopts a new look and feel. This is what you see when using the system. But, under the hood, Yosemite adopts lot's of more modern features for us developers to build the UI that makes easier developing and more on par with iOS modern UI programming interfaces (+ a new programming language named "Swift" that is already used by LiveQuartz 2.4 image).

The second reason (main reason) to my decision was that last year, 10.9 Mavericks broke a lot of document features that were working before (NSPersistentDocument). That is why the app did not evolved as I anticipated last year. Too many system bugs and time lost to handle specific 10.9 workarounds without breaking 10.7 and 10.8 behavior. So be lighter to be able to move faster.

Third reason is that since several months, we can propose older versions of our apps in the AppStore for those who don't have the latest / greatest OSX+Hardware and have already bought the app before. LiveQuartz 2.3.3 will be proposed if you have already bought it before and you want to install it on a system that is not running Yosemite. Hovewer, people that want to buy LiveQuartz 2.4 or download Live Quartz Lite 2.4 the first time will have to be using Yosemite.

So this change to LiveQuartz is here to bring more stability (focusing my tests on only one system version), try to move faster in the coming year (as you might know I have got time constraints for LiveQuartz development as I do it on my father's time...) and be able to enhance the "tools" in future versions (this is the next priority in LiveQuartz' roadmap) while keeping the pace with the fast evolving OS X.


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