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There are 2 cases :

1 - you opened a photo in LiveQuartz without using iPhoto. When your editing is done, choose 'export' in file menu and choose for example the 'jpeg' format. Then go to the finder to find the exported file you have just created and drag and drop it into iphoto.

2 (not available anymore as of LiveQuartz 2.4) - you opened your photo in LiveQuartz by setting LiveQuartz as an "editor" in iPhoto (this setting is available in iPhoto's preferences, "Advanced" tab : "Edit Photos" - editing the photo in iPhoto, opens the photo in LiveQuartz). Then you can edit the photo in LQ. On Moutain Lion, with Auto saving, your changes will automatically be populated to iPhoto. On Lion, you will have to save. (this only works if "Open all images files as Livequartz files" is unchecked in LiveQuartz' preferences).

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