Aug 28 12 6:23 AM

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LiveQuartz 2 major update is available in the mac AppStore immediately for 64bit Intel Macs running OSX Mountain Lion or Lion.
This version brings a new LiveQuartz's Graphical User Interface.
The new text layer UI provides a mini text editor to create multi line and rich text layers.
Now LiveQuartz as more than 110 filters available.
It also enables lot's of enhancements available since Lion like fullscreen, autosave, resume, social sharing and sandbox security.
The retina display support is making some progresses with this build but is not complete yet.

Here is the release Note :

• Built for Mountain Lion and Lion
• «Sandbox» support
• Full Screen support
• Simplified and more modern UI with more contextual informations
• New text layer UI (full text editor per text layer with rich text editing and alignment settings, etc)
• More standard Filters added (110+ filters available)
• Sharing popover menu support to export to popular social web sites like Twitter, Flickr, Email, AirDrop, Message and very soon : Facebook (only on Mountain Lion)
• Auto Save support (only on Mountain Lion)
• Versions support (only on Mountain Lion)
• Updated file format RHIF
• New «Export» menu to export a LiveQuartz image to popular image file formats (it replaces "Save As...")
• Retina Display support status : Critical bugs are fixed but some tools' bugs remain (drawing tools and selections). Graphical User Interface is 90% ready for Retina Display. Support of ‘Retina image editing’ will be enhanced in next releases.
• After adding a multiple pages PDF as a layer, we can choose the page in layer settings popover.
• Precise positioning of layers
• Possible to fill a layer with current color
• QuickLook plug-in bug fixes
• More stable Import from Device and Scanner UI (only on Mountain Lion)


I will upgrade LiveQuartz website for the new version in the coming days with new screencasts.

I Hope you will enjoy this long awaited update