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Oct 23 10 8:33 AM

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LiveQuartz will soon be available on the Mac AppStore.
I am doing the max to prepare it for being available on day one for Snow Leopard AppStore

Here is the strategy :

Since the beginning, LiveQuartz has been a free application with donations accepted.
The reasons for this was that I do it on my personal time and my available personal time is shrinking (married, baby 1 and who knows, maybe baby 2 , etc ;)).
So I do my best to do very few things but do it well.
For this reason, I have never been able to make LiveQuartz a commercial product because this implies too much work and responsibilities (handling the serial system, the clients, etc).


Here comes the Apple's AppStore.
It seems that the AppStore is made for this kind of apps for the Mac.
Apple helps developers for the marketing, for the payment process, etc, and we can concentrate on making our application.

So all this to announce :
LiveQuartz on the AppStore will be a "NFBVC" : NOT FREE BUT VERY CHEAP Application ;)

Here is the roadmap :
- 1.9.1 : First release on the AppStore is going to be very very cheap (because it is very similar to the free 1.9 release).

Then I will study the response to 1.9.1. If I see a big potential :

- 2.0 : First major update to LiveQuartz with a new level of quality I hope : remains very cheap

And as you may know, if you buy an app on the AppStore, updates are free so you will be able to buy the 1.9.1 and you will get free updates.

For new users who want to give it a try, all previous versions of LiveQuartz from the first betas to the 1.9 will remain downloadable and free on my web site (
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