Jun 9 08 2:15 PM

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Today, LiveQuartz 1.8.1 is available.

Release Note :
- New behaviour of drawing and gradient tools : By default, LiveQuartz is not creating a new layer each time you use the
tool anymore (if you like the old behaviour, you can get it by typing this in the “terminal” application : “defaults write
com.rhapsoft.livequartz IMDrawingWithoutMerging YES”).
- LiveQuartz keeps the current selected tool after drawing.
- With “shift” key pressed, rectangle and oval tools keep proportions 1:1. And with “shift” key pressed, the line tool
steps 45°.
- When choosing “Save as…” to a standard image file format, you can see a preview of final file size.
- A file opening bug has been fixed (when there are empty layers)
- A very old bug with display of “lasso” selection doing some pauses is fixed
- “RHIF” Spotlight plug-in bug fix
- 1.8.1 only for MacOS 10.5.3 because LQ has some hanging issues on PowerPC with 10.5.2