Apr 2 06 7:44 AM

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As you may have seen , LiveQuartz performance is very different from one Mac configuration to another.
The most important thing to know is that Livequartz, as it uses CoreImage a lot, has its performance dependant from your video card more than your CPU.

1 -> If your video card does not support CoreImage, the Velocity engine + your RAM will do the job, so in this case the filters and painting tools will be slow but playing with layers should be fast if you have a powerful CPU and lot's of RAM.
2 -> If your video card supports CI, the performace will be more dependant on the video card power and the amount of video memory you have.

I have played with a MacBook Pro 2Go RAM with ATI X1600 and GDDR3 256MB VRAM. LiveQuartz is quite fast on it, even if I am playing with a 3000x2000 photo.

So the most important thing is the quantity of VRAM and the power of your video card and just after, the quantity of RAM and power of your CPU.
Note that LiveQuartz painting tools will be a little faster on dual CPU in next release, stay tuned.